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Hasselblad [Manufacturer description]
HasselbladAnd to the care that goes into the production of each and every Hasselblad product. Naturally, Hasselblad is ISO 9001 certified and conforms to the most exacting international standards. Our commitment to excellence, however, does not stop there. That wouldn't be in the spirit of Hasselblad or of the man who founded the company. Our mission, now, as always, is simple:

To be the preferred choice among professionally minded photographers.

We have an appreciated contact and co-operation with the Erna and Victor Hasselblad Foundation, an independent, non-profit organization founded in 1979 by the last will of Victor Hasselblad and his wife Erna. The Foundation's primary purpose is to promote research and academic teaching in the natural sciences and photography. This is achieved by awarding grants, scholarships, and donations. In addition, the foundation awards the prestigious Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography each year to an outstanding photographer. For more information about the Hasselblad Foundation and its activities and awards, log on to their website.

Victor Hasselblad wanted nothing more than to make the finest cameras ever produced, to provide the tools that would help photographers capture their vision and share it with others. Nothing much has changed in that regard at Hasselblad. Whether it regards our collaboration with the Hasselblad foundation, our product development, our ongoing relationships with the world's finest photographers, or just the attitude that still pervades the shop floor and corridors of our Swedish headquarters, everything we do is a reflection upon our company's history and the man who founded it.

The following pages will provide you with a glimpse into the history and make-up of Victor Hasselblad AB, makers of the world's finest cameras. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
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