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MP3 Printer, Demo,$12.00
File info:
File size: 524 KB
OS: Win95/Win98/Windows2000/WinME/WinNT 4.x/WinXP
License: Demo,$12.00
Rating: 5
Views/Downloads: 7481/759

MP3 Printer learns information about a collection of MP3 files (from a CD or hard disk) and prints a summary of this information on a single page in one of several formats including CD jewel box inserts, booklets and full page.

MP3 Printer automatically finds the optimal font size so that information fits into the selected format on a single page.

MP3 Printer retains natural track order and optionally add album and track number to assist in track nagivation when using a portable MP3 player or DVD player.

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ritesh patel

Sat Jul 4 10:51:09 2009

itis so good

Thu Mar 29 06:53:58 2012

So few details here. There are clnutoess ways a printer can connect but only three are in widespread use nowadays. The first is via network (possibly a wireless one) this is easy to tell because the printer does not physically plug into a particular computer. I think this is unlikely for a home printer unless you are technically savvy.Most modern printers are USB and your laptop should have USB ports. The USB connector is small (1/2 across) with four contacts inside. If you plug this into your laptop it should be detected and you will be prompted for any drivers if needed.The final option is if it is a centronics printer. The connection to your computer is much larger (maybe 2 wide) in that case with 25 pins. Most recent laptops don't have a parallel port to connect it to, so you will need a USB to parallel converter. These should be readily available from any computer shop. Cost around $ 10-15.

Thu Mar 29 09:25:22 2012

EOaQKL nirmteqhipne

Sat Mar 31 11:17:41 2012

Ni2G2S rbyfmmldvyqw

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