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PhotoController, Demo
File info:
File size: 402 KB
License: Demo
Rating: 5
Views/Downloads: 3959/1512

PhotoController is a cool and powerful assembly that process an Image with specialized effects. It is designed for .NET; you could easily use it in window.NET application and ASP.NET application.
Read all Image types that .NET supports(Bmp, Emf, Exif, Gif, Icon, Jpeg, Png, Tif, Wmf ). Compress Jpeg, Gif and Tif picture. Performs arbitary transform (eg. rotation, scaling , crop, resize, flip). Perform color adjustment (eg, contrast, brightness, grayscale,sepia, color gamma and adjust, invert etc). Perform many lots of effects (eg. blur, sharpen, edge detection, distort, mosaic etc). Write frame border on photo. (eg. sawtooth, ball3d, brick etc.). Feather any shape of selected area. Features
The purpose of PhotoController is to make image process in .NET easier. Not only works in windows form application but aslo works in Web application. You can write software with PhotoController like ACD FotoCanvas, PaintShop or even PhotoShop.
You donot have to understand GDI+, deep WINAPI, or any knowledge of Image too much. What you need to do is just to initialize PhotoController object, encapsulate the photo, call methods and get the the result as you want.
Process Image object
PhotoController only processes System.Drawing.Image object, please refer this object in MSDN.
So PhotoController is able to load all image formation which .NET supports by now. If you have other components to load other image formations that .NET doesnot support now, like PSD, TGA, once you encapsulate it to Image object, you can pass to PhotoController to process.
Save image with compression
PhotoController supports to save three image formations with compression now, they are Jpeg, Gif and Tif.
Arbitary Transform
Supports rotation, crop, flip, canvas size, resize on scale.

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