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Petri .NET Simulator, Demo
File info:
File size: 5 MB
License: Demo
Rating: 5
Views/Downloads: 3040/99

Petri .NET Simulator is an application for drawing and simulation of Petri nets. It has been designed for modeling, analysis and simulation of flexible manufacturing systems, but can be used for other discrete event systems as well.
Main features include:
??? Very simple drawing of Petri nets. Many shapes of Petri nets can be drawn. ??? Petri net objects (places and transitions) can be grouped into subsystems. This makes complex Petri nets easier to understand and maintain. ??? Simulation of TimeInvariant and PTimed Petri nets. ??? Simulation can display token game animation and processing time. ??? Simulation can be run in real-time, or you can view the results of a simulation in form of a spreadsheet or an oscillogram. Oscillogram can also be used to select a period of time that will be used in the performance analysis of a net. ??? Applying the control algorithms via the rules editor to the Petri net model in order to produce a stable system. ??? Ability to export the Petri net model or the oscillogram to the enhanced metafile format, or simply transfer it to the third party application via the clipboard. Export as a spreadsheet. Great for writing simulation reports.

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