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12Planet Chat Server Software is used to setup community chat rooms, celebrity chat events, collaborative work discussion space and more real-time communication services. 12Planet Chat Server has our "maintenance free" quality label. This means that once the initial configuration is done, 12Planet Chat Server will run without any performance degradation months during, no memory leak or server crash headaches ever, you can just leave it run and forget about it. The only reason why we are so confident about its reliability is because we have tested it with millions of users since its first release in 1996 and have continuously improved it.
Because of its robustness, 12Planet Chat Server is also very suitable to be integrated into web applications where you are looking for a highly reliable chat component. Many of our customers have benched 12Planet Chat Server with competing solutions, and opted for 12Planet Chat Server because of its superior performance and stability under stress testing.
What is a Chat Server Software? How does it work? Read the FAQs to learn more.
12Planet Chat Server provides advanced chat functionalities aiming to offer discussion space for your users, customers and partners. It addresses the demand from all web sites and intranet/extranet portals willing to offer "sticky" services to their visitors as well as secure and reliable real-time communication to their users or customers. Its moderation feature (celebrity chat event) enables you to organize online chat conferences by inviting celebrities, experts to talk with your users.
12Planet Chat Server provides rock solid stability and it is the standard by which all others are measured. The 12Planet Chat applet runs on any Java-enabled browser without any special plug-ins or software to download. The look and feel of the chat interface can be completely customized using the skin module, it's easy to create new skins



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