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AZTECH [Manufacturer description]
AZTECHTechnology today has become strongly interwined with the very fabric of our society. The pace of such interdependence grows almost daily with companies constantly offering new and more innovative products and solutions to compete in the global economy. Identifying this trend, Aztech Systems Limited has positioned itself to ride the wave of technological progress and establish itself firmly at the forefront of innovation and change.

Founded in 1986, Aztech is headquartered in Singapore with support offices in USA, Germany, Malaysia and Hong Kong. The Group has an electronics manufacturing and a plastic injection moulding plant located in Dong Guan (China). The Group also has 4 R&D centres namely Singapore, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Dong Guan, China.

With its excellent manufacturing facilities, Aztech is able to manufacture high quality products that meet top worldwide industry standards. With state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, strong engineering capabilities and facilities, which are ISO9001:2000, TL9000, UL, TUV and CCIB certified, Aztech is able to roll out products that bring the best quality and value to customers.

Our R&D centres have more than 20 years of design experience to design products to meet and exceed the demand of new technologies and market requirement. Together with our strong design capabilities specialising in the PC and Telecommunication industry, we have successfully designed a solid line-up of ODM products in the DSL high speed modem, Analog Modem, broadband routers and wireless products. The company's ODM clientele has over the years, drawn on Aztech's superb R&D facilities and engineering expertise to launch revolutionary products and services.

Aztech offers electronics manufacturing services to our customers. With complete manufacturing services including design, material management, logistics services and customer program management, we provide customers with seamless, value added service at every stage from product transfer, component procurement, electronics PCB assembly, mechanical assembly, testing and final shipping the products. We play an important role to our customers to reduce their time to market cycle and in delivering product of the highest production standard. Aztech Group EMS services has built up capabilities to serve the manufacturing needs of the Computer and networking, Telecommunication, Consumer electronics and Health care devices market segments.
Shiro Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Singapore public listed company Aztech Systems. The establishment of Shiro Corporation aims to extend the level of technology and innovation established by the Aztech Group to providing consumers with an extensive range of lifestyle products under one roof. Leading in Digital Consumer Electronics and Consumer & Telecom products , Shiro offer a comprehensive list of products which consist of MP3 and MP4 players, Digital Cordless phone (DECT), Caller ID phone, VoIP and broadband products. Shiro Corporation offers products designed to meet the needs, lifestyle and aspirations of today’s consumers.

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