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Abit [Manufacturer description]
AbitFor nearly 15 years, Universal abit has been the brand of choice for hardware enthusiasts worldwide.Our Engineers work year in and year out to deliver products that are powerful, flexible, and stable fulfilling the needs of users who demand nothing less than the very best. In the past, PC enthusiasts have chosen our products because of the level of flexibility they offer. A good example of this is our SoftMenu™ technology which allows an unrivaled selection of BIOS options, including operating frequencies and voltages. With SoftMenu™, users finally have a way to optimize their systems the way they see fit, empowering them to squeeze out every drop of performance available. Over the last 24 months, we’ve made significant changes to the way Uabit products are developed, designed, and manufactured. The result of these changes is something we like to call BulletProof Technology. BulletProof Technology ensures a superior product by focusing on four key areas: Quality, Stability, Reliability, and Engineering. With BulletProof Technology, users can count on Uabit products to consistently deliver award-winning performance and stability today and tomorrow.
Some of these changes include utilizing 100% Japanese capacitors on Uabit-branded motherboards. This insistence on quality ensures that Uabit products are built for long-term, problem-free use. For total stability under extreme conditions, all our products must pass the Torture Test before ending up on store shelves. Uabit-approved test reports detail all components which are problem-free with Uabit motherboards, ensuring that users can count on Uabit reliability. Finally, Uabit Engineering continues to deliver what it has from the very beginning – exclusive features that provide added convenience, stability, and performance for the discerning computer enthusiast.

By incorporating BulletProof Technology, Universal abit has transformed itself into a company that not only delivers superior performance, but also top-notch quality, stability, and reliability. If you’re new to Uabit, we invite you to try our products and feel what many call the Universal Experience products that deliver as promised right out of the box. For those who have been with us these past 15 years, thank you for making Uabit the number one enthusiast hardware brand. We’ve gone a long way together, but we have even more to come. 
Universal abit USA Corporation
Motherboard Abit

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