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> I need some help




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Date: 20.08.2010 - 08:34     Title: I need some help

One day,When I surf the internet,I found the givemefile.It is so nice.I download some service manuals about cd player.But there is some problemn,I reached a limit of downloads for ip.why?

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This limit for one day only. This is a type of defending our content Well

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As an Android user, have you ever faced this problem important files lossing on your Android phone? No need to worry about that now. Here, I would like to show you a simple way to regain information from Android phone with a third party program called Android Data Recovery(
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Nowadays, we all love using iPhone, iPad and other technological produce. Taking photos, recording videos, taking notes, watching movies, browsing facebook, sending e-mail and more personally important data on our iPhone/iPod/iPad
( However, when we expect it can do more stuffs for us, trouble come along. We can't avoid losing data due to various reasons such as jailbreak. I believe it trouble lots of people and they still don't know what to do. ( here, I want to share good tool with you guys. iPhone Recovery can help you recover photos, messages, movies, songs, videos, contacts, call history. what's more, it can recover data from broken iPhone. If you want to know more about this tool, you can click to read more.
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