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We are...

We are the team of young, clever, spicy, great promising and perspective developers, who want to make this world a little better.

We are from...

We are from the third planet from the Sun in the Solar System. It's also known as the Earth or World.

We've decided to make this project, because...

We've decided to make this project, because many years ago we've selected and prepared a very-very large collection of different computer's files such as drivers, DLLs, user guides, service manuals, firmwares and others. And we've wanted to share that collection with you.

This project is for...

This project is for your simple searching and downloading all kinds of computer's files. Device drivers, DLLs, user guides and owner's manuals, repair instructions, service manuals, other software for Windows (incl. XP and Vista) are ready-to-use and simple-for-downloading.

You can contact us...

-via Feedback form - for any questions

-via Feedback form – for advertising questions

-via ICQ 438393309 – for online support

-via Forum – for our spuport and support of another users

-via Opinion form – for your opinion about our site